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About Conscous communication

Conscious Communication aims to bring key skills of slowing down, empathy, assertiveness, and understanding of trauma as well as power and privilege dynamics.  It helps us be in more awareness and choice of how we show up moment by moment.  Conscious Communication builds on ancient Indian concepts of ahimsa and anekantavada as well as Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and other more modern modalities.

Learn Through Practice

Conscious Communication cannot be learned just by reading the toolkit.  It must be practiced.  Find workshops, get coaching, or join practice groups to help you learn and integrate your learnings into daily life.


CCA’s Mission & Vision

We aim to bring the maps, skills, and values of Conscious Communication to individuals, organizations, schools, families, changemakers, etc., and ultimately to create a more empathic, just and sustainable world for all beings.

A Word

From Our Founder

“I offer this work to you and to the world in the spirit of a gift, and hope it can be useful to empower us all to create better lives, better relationships, and a better world.”

– Roy Jacob

Upcoming Workshops & Events



2 Hour Workshop at Lahe Lahe, Bangalore

Get a taste of some of the tools of Conscious Communication in this introductory workshop.


 This workshop starts at 5pm on Saturday, April 15th and goes until 7pm.  Register at:



5-Day Retreat in Himachal Pradesh, India

Come to Himachal Pradesh in northern India for this immersion into Conscious Communication.  This can be a game-changer for your life.


This retreat begins at noon on Monday, May 8th, and concludes at 9am on Saturday, May 13th.

For more info and to register please visit:


About the Conscious Communication toolkit

The Basic Structure of the Toolkit

Conscious Communication is an integrated toolkit and a structured way to slow down.


PFTA is the overarching structure of Conscious Communication.  All the tools fall into one of these categories.  


The pause begins the moment you remember to stop what you are doing and take a breath. It helps you ground yourself so that you are in the right zone where you can feel your feelings, think clearly, and act wisely – where you have access to your full capacities.


Here you start with self-awareness and self-empathy: tuning into the many channels arising within you: body sensations, emotions, desires, fears, and any impulses to fight, flee, freeze, etc. Then you sense the core needs that are alive in this moment: needs for safety, connection, autonomy, rest, etc.


Now you may be in a place to think more clearly, and you can choose to think nonviolently. A variety of thinking lenses helps you to understand yourself and the context better. Slowing down allows you to think through the likely impact of your words, before you utter them.


There are many other nonviolent practices you can do now. You may want to invite the other party into a dialogue, express yourself vulnerably, and hear them out. You may make specific requests or set clear boundaries. You may also challenge others or the larger system.